The Young Leaders Conference is an opportunity for inspiration and great networking

18 October 2016

On 21 September I ventured up to the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham to join professionals from across the sector for the Annual Young Leaders Experience.

It seems the excitement I had for the event had been appropriate and it was going to deliver on all the aspects I had hoped for. From the outset it was apparent that this was a well organised occasion and this was fortunately consistent over the course of the event.

Our 48 hours at the ICC were carefully planned with a variety of speakers on a broad selection of subjects. We had a really eclectic range of sessions with visits from Sean Langan, ‘the man captured by the Taliban’ to Claire Young from BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’. We were given many opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals throughout the days be it during the sessions or in the scheduled breaks. It proved to be an effective way to make new connections that will continue to exist beyond the conference.

The National Housing Federation offered a chance for us to attend an evening meal with a guest appearance from Mark Watson of ‘8 out of 10 cats’ fame – a definite highlight! This was another occasion to meet new people and form new relationships with colleagues from across the sector.

This event gave me an insight in to the Federation’s Annual Conference which was very eye-opening and it offered me another perspective entirely. It gave me a rare chance to reflect on our sector and learn more about the bigger picture.

I left the event feeling totally inspired as a lot of the speakers came from very humble beginnings and proved that anything is possible and were totally awe-inspiring.  

The seven people that attended with me all agreed we left with a renewed enthusiasm. We are all from different departments and therefore didn’t really know each other before but now we have built a strong rapport and this is already proving to strengthen our inter-departmental relationships. Since the event we have met up to discuss and put together some new ideas to present to our Executive Team following on from our learnings. This experience will certainly continue to live on here at Curo.

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